2019 Fall T.A.B.Games

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 Enjoy participation in the 6v6 Volleyball Tournament, Hamburger Cookout, and/or Team Spirit Competitions for a chance to WIN BIG! (Minimum of 15 participants).

The more competitions your team participates in, the more opportunities for your campus to WIN MONEY!! 

SAVE BIG by registering your team of unlimited participants to all competitions.   The more people participating in the event, the more you can SAVE BIG.

15 participants= $50 per person

20 participants= $37.50 per person

25 participants= $30 per person

30 participants=$25 per person

35 participants=$21.43 per person

40 participants=$18.75 per person

45 participants= $16.67 per person

50 participants= $15.00 per person

TEAM CAPTAINS are responsible for registering their team participants and communication with TAB staff.  INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CAMPUS TEAM CAPTAIN?  email to receive information about how you can earn EXTRA MONEY.  


Hamburger Cookout

Registration Ticket to Compete

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JUST WANT TO SHOW OFF YOUR COOKING SKILLS?  Compete for bragging rights and cash prizes for the best hamburger.  Judging is based on creativity, taste and presentation.   MUST BE A TEACHER to participate.



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FREE EVENT!!   Come support your team and enjoy the competitions, food and games.

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